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Services provided:

1. Providing kiosks and promotional sites as well as selection of entrepreneurs for Business Lots.

-The Entrepreneurship Centre is entrusted by UMP Holdings to select students for the application of seven (7) UMP Holdings business lots in Gambang Campus and four (4) business lots in UMP Pekan Campus.
- Other than that, we have six (6) kiosks at UMP Gambang Campus and seven (7) kiosks at UMP Pekan Campus and three (3) Bizz Boxes at Gambang Campus.

2. Issuing business licences to students

- The Entrepreneurship Centre issues business licences to students who operate their businesses in the campus.

3. Serving as a centre for resources and guidance on entrepreneurship

- The Entrepreneurship Centre builds cooperation with a variety of agencies in Malaysia such as SME Corp, MARA, PUNB and many others.

4. Providing short-term courses/ business workshops

- The Entrepreneurship Centre organizes many short-term courses, workshops and seminars every year in order to give exposure and knowledge to students in addition to the external courses organized by agencies and other public institutes of higher learning (IHL).

5. Activities to Develop Entrepreneurship Culture

- The Entrepreneurship Centre organizes many programs such as business carnivals and courses in order to develop entrepreneurship culture among students.