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Directors Welcome Note


Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

First and foremost, I would like to thank you for visiting the official webpage of Entrepreneurship Centre (MyPACE) Universiti Malaysia Pahang. All praise be to The Almighty. This MyPACE webpage has been developed in line with our vision to become the main resource centre in the field of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship has become an essential agenda among Institutes of Higher Learning (IHL) and it forms an essential aspect in building students’ autonomy among tertiary education institutes nationwide. It is crucial to instil entrepreneurship skills in every future graduate to teach them to become independent, competitive, and able to become job creators instead of job seekers and ones who do not wait for job offers.

In its effort to contribute towards achieving the national aspiration of Vision 2020 which aims to develop Malaysian into a high-income nation that is competitive, MyPACE hopes to provide the services and information regarding the entrepreneurship culture and become an alternative channel to related organizations. In fact, the development of this webpage would serve as a medium for the sharing of latest information and connecting users with the government agencies involved. It is also hoped that this webpage would serve as a starting point for users to learn more about MyPACE closely and conveniently. I hope this sharing will become a source for knowledge on entrepreneurship to visitors and I would welcome any creative suggestions as well as ideas in improving the content of this MyPACE webpage.

Happy browsing through the MyPACE web page of Universiti Malaysia Pahang.